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Improve and Strenghthen Your Lawn with a Lawn Reinforcement [Video]

Is your lawn in average shape, but suffering from thin, weak or damaged turf? If so, a Lawn Reinforcement is the perfect service to help you get the beautiful healthy lawn that you've always wanted. And late summer through mid fall is the perfect time to have this service done for your lawn. In this video Brian Weaver of Reder Landscaping goes into detail about [...]

  • Landscape Water Features

The Relaxing Power of Water in the Landscape

The relaxing sound of running water, the sparkling light, and the presence of chirping birds attracted to the water are just a few of the ways a water feature can transform an ordinary landscape into a backyard oasis. This short video features several projects where Reder Landscaping designers and construction crews have creatively incorporated the element of water into a variety of settings.  You'll see [...]

  • 2017 Reece Endeavor Garden Walk 14th annual

14th Annual Reece Endeavor Garden Walk

Reder Landscaping is proud to serve once again this year as an Event Sponsor of this special event! The 14th Annual Reece Endeavor GardenWalk will take place this Wednesday July 19th from 2-7 PM.  This event is a great opportunity to experience some of Midland’s most beautiful gardens while benefitting one of its most important charities, the Reece Endeavor. Proceeds from the event go to support the [...]

  • Fire Pits and outdoor fireplace

Even in Summer, There’s Nothing Like the Warmth of a Fire

The warmth of a fire is the perfect element in an outdoor living space for relaxing summer evenings. Whether the source is an elaborate outdoor fireplace, a built-in fire pit, or a portable fire pit, the dancing light and warmth of an outdoor fire always creates an irresistible gathering place for family and friends. Check out this short video to see some beautiful [...]