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  • Fall Cleanup Service

Top 5 Reasons to Call Reder for Your Fall Cleanup

Even though it's unseasonably warm right now, don't be fooled!  The leaves are already starting to fall, and at the first cold snap they will be coming down fast!   And that means... Fall Cleanup is right around the corner. Raking leaves and cleaning up fall debris is a lot of work.  If it's not a job you love doing and/or always find to be a [...]

  • Beautiful Plants in Early Fall

Fall is for Enjoying Beautiful Plants… and for Planting! [Video]

Early fall is a special time of year if you like beautiful landscape plants and planting designs! The nighttime temperatures cool down and the trees begin to turn.  Against this backdrop of subtle fall color, many landscape plants show best this time of year.  Hydrangeas, Ornamental Grasses, Roses, Black Eyed Susans, Russian Sage and Sedums are just a few.  Many summer annuals, like Begonias, are also [...]

  • Hardscape Ideas

It’s Not Too Late to Hardscape [Video]

Whether you have a large project in mind to renovate your outdoor living space or a smaller project in mind to enhance and beautify your landscape, fall is an excellent to give us a call!   Unlike Spring when most people want projects done, the scheduling timeline is typically shorter. There is still time for large design and installation projects that you can then enjoy at the first [...]

  • Fall Container Gardens

Add Seasonal Color with Fall Container Gardens

Reder container gardens are a gorgeous, simple way to add beauty and seasonal, fall color to your front entryway, patio, and landscape. Our container gardens are custom-designed by Reder employee Kathy Frost, who has been creating spectacular container gardens for over twenty years!  And now is the time to place your order for fall,  or to schedule a change out from summer to fall for your [...]