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Residential Landscape Contractor in Sanford, MI

When looking for a Landscape Contractor in Sanford, look no further than Reder Landscaping.

Reder Landscaping is a 3rd generation locally owned company that has been servicing the Tri-Cities for over 45 years. The longevity of our company is attributed to the quality of our work, our dedicated team and the peace of mind we bring to our clients.

Our combination of dedicated crews, talented design team, customer service team and managers ensures our clients have the best experience possible. Remove the hassle of contacting multiple contractors for all of your services. Reder Landscaping is your only point of contact for all of your outdoor maintenance needs. We provide landscaping, maintenance services, hardscaping, lighting and everything in between.

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If you are unsure what landscaping you need or want design assistance, don’t worry! One of our landscape design professionals will walk you through the entire process. We look forward to working with you!