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Do not water your newly hydroseeded lawn for 24 hours after hydroseed is completed.  After that, for the first 30 days, water your lawn 3 times per day for 3-8 minutes per watering.  Just enough to keep the seed moist but avoid puddling.  The first mow of your new lawn shoudl occur once 1/4 of the lawn reaches a height of 3-3.5″.

Caring for your new lawn:

  • After the seeding;
    • If your lawn was Hydro-Seeded it is best not to water for 24-36 hours. This allows the tacking agent in the Hydro-Mulch time to set up. This tacking agent helps reduce washout. However, unpredictable heavy down pours are out of everyone’s control and when they occur washouts are inevitable. We will return 1-time at approximately 30 days to do any repair work needed and to fertilize.
  • Watering;
    • New seeding requires moisture, ample sunlight and temperatures above 58 degrees to germinate. The seed varieties in your new lawn can take up to 30 days to completely germinate. For those with automatic sprinkler systems we generally recommend for the first 30-days, 3 watering’s per day, enough to keep the seed areas moist but not create any puddling or runoff. After approximately 30 days and for the next 4 weeks, your sprinkler system should be adjusted to run only 1 time per day. As a rule, your lawn from about 8-12 weeks from the time of seeding throughout the remainder of its life will require about 1” of water per week, including rainfall to keep it actively growing and green. We feel this is best achieved on an established lawn by watering 3 times/week proving 1/3 of an inch of water per watering, minus rainfall.
  • Mowing;
    • Begin mowing as soon as ¼ of the lawn reaches a height of 3-3.5”. Maintain your lawn at a height of 2.5-3” using SHARP blades, and mow only when dry. Mow frequently enough to avoid cutting off more than 1/3 of the grass blade at a time and leave or mulch the clippings if possible. Routine mowing will help to suppress weed growth and encourage grass thickening.
  • Fertilizing – Pest Control;
    • A new lawn should be fertilized approximately 3-4 week after seeding and then again every 5 weeks until early November. Reder Landscaping will apply the 1st fertilizing application after 3-4 weeks and can give you a proposal for continuing lawn care after that. New lawns will have some weeds, it is inevitable. Spring lawns will typically have more weeds and crabgrass in particular which can be a problem especially during hot and dry weather. Weed control products will need to be applied but not until the new lawn has been mowed 4-5 times. The best defense against unwanted pests is a thick and healthy lawn that is properly watered, fertilized and mowed.
  • Comprehensive care for your landscape;
    • Reder Landscaping offers an extensive line of horticultural services to help you maintain your investment and to make certain your property is looking its best at all times. Contact your Reder Landscaping Representative or visit our website for more information on these services.
  • Dedicated landscape and customer service teams here to serve you;
Our landscape consultants and customer service personnel will help ensure the success of your new landscape by answering establishment questions, diagnosing potential problems, suggesting corrections in care, and when necessary, coordinating repairs and plant replacements.

Questions?  Email us at customerservice@rederlandscaping.com

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