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Once installed, your sprinkler is set to proper watering for the condition of your property at the time of installation, adjustments will be required by the homeowner based on changes in weather.

Sprinkler System Installation Guarantee:


  • The materials and installation provided will have a 2 year unconditional guarantee against all defects and workmanship.
  • Controllers carry a 2 year warranty against defect (Weathermatic brand only controllers also have a 2 year guarantee on lightening strikes).
  • All heads and valves are warranted against defects for a full 5 years.
  • Reder Landscaping, Inc. or its subcontractors assume no responsibility for settling or cracking of concrete, brick ro stone driveways, sidewalks, patios or any other hardscapes due to their underneath boring or locating of irrigation piping.
  • Any connections to wells or water meters will be performed by a State Licensed Plumber subcontracted by Reder Landscaping, Inc.
  • The installation of sprinkler controller(s) requires a 110v electrical outlet for operation.  If convenient 110v electrical outlet is not available, the owner assumes responsibility to provide 110v outlet.

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