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Just a short note to remind all my faithful readers, it is now time in Michigan to apply preventative herbicide to your lawn to prevent crabgrass for the season. For future reference, the homeowner can time this application with the blooming of the forsythia. This is an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) tool that is useful for accurate timing of application. If you want to learn more about IPM you can read the article I wrote titled Phenology. Phenology is the science of comparing natural occurances like the forsythia in bloom, with the emergence of certain pests. If you would like the whole phenology chart you can visit the Dow Gardens website listed in my links. Using IPM practices, reduces the amounts of pesticides used and increases the effectiveness of those pesticides. It also protects our beneficial insects that help to control the pests that cause damage. If you do not want to apply these pesticides yourself Reder Landscaping has a complete lawn care program. Call and ask for Brian.