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Summer has come and gone and we are now well into fall facing a long, cold winter.  Did you find yourself wishing all summer that you had planned for that landscape renovation?  Do you intend to call in the spring to get the ball rolling on that outdoor design you have been dreaming of?  Why wait?  Fall is an ideal time to begin planning for your 2019 landscape installation.  Get a jump on the spring rush and call now.  Here are a few reasons why…

  1. Early planning means early spring installation.  Taking the first steps of planning your landscape installation now ensures you will be on our early spring schedule so you can enjoy your new backyard or landscape during the summer season.
  2. Lock-in this year’s pricing.  When finalizing a plan and placing a deposit on a project this fall, we will honor all 2018 pricing for your 2019 season installation, potentially saving you 2-5%.
  3. First choice of materials.  Finalizing a plan this fall for next spring will allow us to get you the freshest plant material next year and often times, larger trees from our suppliers.
  4. Let’s face it, landscape projects can be messy and take a few weeks.  By finalizing a plan and placing a deposit this fall, we can secure space for you on our spring schedule and have the mess cleaned up in time for you to enjoy your new project during the summer months.
  5. The summer season is short.  By planning this fall we can purchase your material now (saving you money) and have it delivered to your home this year so once spring is here we don’t have to wait on load limits being lifted and deliveries from our suppliers, we can simply come and install it, increasing your time spent enjoying your project during prime season.
  6. Reder Landscaping continues to grow and complete more projects every year.  The demand for our service is at an all-time high, especially in the spring.  If you wait until the springtime to contact us we are typically scheduling projects well into the summer months.
  7. Oftentimes people do not realize how late into the fall/winter season we work (until the ground is frozen which is typically the second or third week in December).  By finalizing a plan we may be able to get a jump on your project this fall and finalize it early in the spring, allowing you plenty of time in the summer to enjoy your new landscape.
  8. Our designers work with clients over the winter months finalizing plans and scheduling work for the spring.  Historically, by April 1st we have over 8 weeks of projects ready to go, by contacting us this fall, finalizing a plan, you could be at the top of our list and avoid the rush.


Interested in more information?  Follow this link to get in contact with a Reder Landscaping Representative.