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Outdoor Living Spaces Expand the Egger’s Home

In this short video the Eggers share their story of working with Reder to create a variety of outdoor living spaces and how happy they are with the results.

Every landscape project is unique.  Each project has different existing conditions, different budgets, and different clients who often have some idea about what they want but lack the vision for the complete project.

This was the case with Reder clients John and Ellen Eggers when they finished remodeling their home on their expansive rural property in Hemlock, Michigan.  Working with Reder Landscape Designer Steve Baillie, we were able to bring to life their vision of a natural, low-maintenance landscape with multiple outdoor living spaces for their family to enjoy.

Whether your dream project is big or small, winter is the best time of year to work with a Reder Landscape Designer to plan things out.  Hopefully this video will get you inspired to start the design process for your landscape!  Email Us or Call 989-835-8206 to speak with a Designer.