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Longtime Reder client, Win Schiller, graciously shares his experience of working with Reder on his Freeland landscaping project as well as being a maintenance client over the past 15 years. You may have seen his testimonial on TV!

The reason we decided to hire Reder Landscaping 15 years ago was because they had a great reputation and they are a family run company. We have a very successful family business and sometimes family businesses are not so prevalent today and so in a family run company normally they’re going to be here long term as they are today, 15 years later.

Reder has been a great partner, they give us a lot of ideas and we worked together. We have a great contact with Reder that takes care of us and his name is, Dave Fletcher. Dave designed several options for our landscape, which I liked.  Together we determined what we have today, we got the dream package. We have a very active and stressful business and when I come home at night I like to see a manicured yard, plain and simple.

Most of all it’s the service level, every year I’m very loyal to Reder.  I’ve never put my business out for bid because they give me great service.  To me, service is what it’s all about. Dave Fletcher was out here at 5:30 last night helping me determine pruning and things like that, things that are not really his role but he really helps me and that’s what I rely on. It’s not what you did for me yesterday, it’s what are you going to do for me tomorrow. They’ve been a great partner.  With some companies I don’t know if you get that service, there’s no reason I would change companies because they really do incredible work for us and they’re very customer friendly.

If you are looking for landscaping companies in Freeland, look no further than Reder Landscaping. We are your all-inclusive company for lawn maintenance, snow removal and Landscaping in Freeland, Midland, Saginaw and surrounding areas!

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