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There is nothing like landscape lighting to increase the enjoyment of your landscape in all four seasons, in both the daytime and the night.

If you’re thinking about landscape lighting for your yard you need to check out the latest products in the “Design Pro LED” line offered by Kichler.  They feature beautiful fixtures for virtually every outdoor application – including decorative path and spread, low profile hardscape, water features, deck, patio and accent lighting.

Also, Kichler “Design Pro LED” offers several advantages over traditional incandescent forms of landscape lighting:

  • Kichler “Design Pro LED”, with its “Radiax” optics technology, delivers the finest quality of light – a beautiful, warm white light that enhances your exterior surroundings.
  • Kichler “Design Pro LED” bulbs are long-lasting and virtually eliminate the nuisance of light bulb replacement.
  • Kichler “Design Pro LED” fixtures and parts are backed by the best warranty available on landscape LED lighting.
  • Kichler “Design Pro LED” is proven to offer electricity savings of nearly 75% over traditional lighting options, and is free of toxic chemicals.

To learn more and get some ideas for lighting your landscape, visit our Landscape Lighting Services page or our Landscape Lighting Idea Gallery.  Or contact us to speak with one of our landscape designers to see how well planned landscape lighting can enhance your yard.

And if you’re still trying to decide whether or not landscape lighting is right for you, we’d like to leave you with a quote from Dave Fletcher, Landscape Designer with Reder Landscaping:

I think lighting is the best landscape money you can spend.  I always tell my clients that when their project is completed their favorite part will be the landscape lighting, and that almost always turns out to be the case.