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Here’s a fun little “Before and After” video we put together that features several residential landscape projects that were designed and built by Reder Landscaping.

The “After” shots show some truly beautiful landscapes that anyone would be pleased to have in their yard.  These projects are a real testament to the creative talents of our landscape designers and landscape construction crews.

However, the “Before” shots are equally interesting. They represent mostly ugly, dysfunctional yards. These homeowners had been living with these disaster zones (sometimes for years) until they couldn’t take it anymore and finally called Reder Landscaping to create something beautiful for them.

Check out the video below:

How about you?  Are you tired of living with a dysfunctional mess of a yard?  Do you get depressed at the site of your weedy lawn and overgrown shrubs every time you pull into your driveway?  Is that rotting deck hanging off the back of your house getting you down?  Are you longing for an outdoor room where you can relax with your family and entertain some friends?

If you’re sick and tired of the sad state of your yard and are finally ready for a landscape you can enjoy and feel proud of, give us a call and schedule a meeting with a Reder Landscape Designer today.