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Landscape lighting has become one of the most talked about features in landscape design and for good reason.  Exterior landscape lighting adds beauty, drama and safety to your home and landscape.  A thoughtful and well-executed lighting design can also extend the time you spend outdoors.  With the days growing shorter and evenings staying warm, enjoy the ambiance of a well-lit patio with family and friends.

Experienced Landscape Lighting Designer

One of our senior designers, Dave Fletcher, speaks often as to why he encourages his clients to consider landscape lighting.  From experience, he consistently hears from previous clients that the lighting is their favorite feature of their landscape.  He believes that landscape lighting is, dollar for dollar, the best investment you can make in your landscape.  Reason being?  Not only does exterior lighting bring interest to a darkened landscape, it is a feature that can be enjoyed year-round.  Residents of Michigan are all-too familiar with the long winters we have; short, cold days that often keep you cooped up inside.  By early evening the curtains are drawn and your connection with the outdoors has ended.  The benefit of exterior lighting, especially in our area, is when you look out at dusk your landscape is illuminated, bringing interest to an otherwise dark evening and extending your connection with nature, even if from behind glass.

Get Inspired by Landscape Lighting

There are endless possibilities when it comes to landscape lighting, from the fixtures themselves to the way they are integrated into your landscape.  Once the sun has set, rather than your landscape being blanketed in darkness, thoughtful illumination of key features can bring an entirely new perspective to your landscape design.  View our lighting portfolio for inspiration.

Affordable Landscape Lighting

With the increased use of LED bulbs, landscape lighting has become more affordable than ever.  LED lighting is more efficient and is less expensive to run than previous lighting systems.  Typically when people think of LED lights they think of harsh flourescent tones, to the contrary, LED lighting has become available in warm tones that are easier on the eye.

Interested in knowing what landscape lighting can do for your outdoor living space?  Give us a call at 989-835-8260 or click here, we will get you in contact with a lighting specialist to discuss the possibilities.