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Longtime Reder clients, Dwight and Brenda McNally, graciously share their experience of working with Reder on their Saginaw landscaping project. We have completed several projects for them over the years and we enjoy having them as maintenance clients also.

How It All Started

As this home was being built 5 years ago our builder recommended a couple of different landscape companies and one of them was Reder. It just so happened that we met with Reder first and after reviewing the plans with our designer, Dave, we decided we did not need to meet with any other companies. Dave worked really well with us and gave us some great suggestions that we hadn’t even thought of doing.

At our previous home we had nearly the entire yard re-landscaped so I had ideas of what plants I like and plants I don’t like. When Dave showed us the preliminary plans I asked him if we could add additional things, he was really receptive, there was no qualm or anything. He listened to what we wanted, he listened certainly and it turned out beautiful.

Favorite Features

One of our favorite features of our landscaping is the lighting. We initially did not want it but Dave really pushed for it, he said I think you’ll be sorry if you don’t do it, let’s just put it in. So we did and we are so happy we did, we love it! When we come home at night and the lighting is on it’s just gorgeous and has a very warm welcoming feeling when we pull in the driveway. Even in winter, looking out over the property watching a snowstorm, that lighting just makes it all the more beautiful. If you’re not sure if you want it or not, I would say go for it, you will not regret it.

Living on such a wooded lot, I had some ideas for the entrance from the road but I wasn’t sure if it’d work, I didn’t want it to stick out like it didn’t belong. I showed a picture to Dave and asked if we could do something like that and his immediate response was, yeah. They did a fantastic job getting the entry to blend with the property and existing landscaping.

Walking around the property in the evening to see how things are changing with the seasons is relaxing, I love it.

What Could We Have Done Better?

Honestly, I just recommended Reder to a work colleague today for their maintenance services. Since we moved in throughout the years I have recommended Reder to several people. I wouldn’t recommend them if we weren’t completely happy with what they have done.

We really had a great experience, I cannot think of anything that I would have wanted done differently. They are always pleasant, accommodate our schedules and they’re very easy to work with and easy to have around. I don’t always feel like that with projects going on in our yard, I feel very comfortable with them out there. They work quickly and clean up after themselves, it’s just really been a great experience.

Reder has done two other landscape installations for us since our initial project. We had a couple things we wanted done and we called Reder, it didn’t really cross our minds to call anyone else because we liked so much what they did for us the first time. They were always timely with whatever they promised and always right on track.

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