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The basic function of a stone wall is to contain a slope or to soften a grade in the landscape, but they can also do so much more.

The simple beauty of a well-built, natural stone wall in the landscape inspires feelings of strength, durability and stability.  They also have the ability to anchor a landscape design, and to serve as a contrasting element to the softer forms of the plantings. They can also extend the architecture of a building out into the landscape and form a connection between the buildings and the natural areas of the site.

Whether you’re talking about a wall made of Fieldstone boulders, stacked Canadian Stone or Chilton Stone, a landscape designer from Reder Landscaping will know how to beautifully fit it into your landscape, as well as your budget. Also, our construction crews are craftsmen who will build it to last (all of our hardscaping work is backed by our best-in-the-industry 5 year hardscape guarantee).

Check out a few samples of our stone walls in the photos below, or visit our photo galleries for more inspiration.

If you’re interested in having Reder Landscaping design and build a stone wall of timeless beauty for your yard contact us to speak with one of our landscape designers.

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