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Last week we posted a video on the extensive damage to the Ash trees in our area brought on by the infestation of the Emerald Ash Borer. We emphasized that, despite the fact that many people mistakenly believe EAB to be a death sentence for their Ash trees, many trees can in fact be saved with an insecticide injection treatment technique that Reder Landscaping has been using with great success.

However, EAB has gotten such a strong foothold in Michigan that many of you may have already been forced to cut down infested Ash trees or are facing the prospect.  In many cases these Ash trees were beautiful, mature specimens and significant features of landscapes and yards throughout Midland and the Tri-Cities.

Any time you remove a large tree, or several trees, you are going to radically alter that landscape, for better or worse. This will create both problems and opportunities.

For example, removing a tree can open up a shady area of your yard and allow more sunshine in. This can be a problem if that area has plants and turf that are suited for growing in the shade and are now struggling with the increased sun exposure.  It can also be a problem if that tree had been providing shade for your deck or patio, and now it’s too sunny to sit out there.

However, many positive opportunities can be created when trees are removed and a yard is opened up to more sunlight. The most obvious opportunity would be to plant a new tree, whether it be a large shade tree or a smaller ornamental. Another option would be to redo some planting areas utilizing plants that prefer more sun.  And if your deck or patio is getting too much sun, it may be a good opportunity to add a pergola or build a new outdoor living space in a better location.

If you’ve had to remove trees and feel that you want help with creating something new for your yard contact us to speak with one of our Landscape Designers. For over 30 years Reder Landscaping has been producing award-winning designs in the Midland, Saginaw and Bay City area for landscapes big and small. Let us help you with your project.