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If your lawn is suffering from poor turf density and weak turf health, then a Lawn Reinforcement from Reder Landscaping is just what you need to strengthen and thicken your lawn.  Many factors can contribute to poor turf health including; poor soil, insect damage, overly shady conditions, soil compaction, improper watering and poor fertilization application.

In this video one of our senior staff, Brian Weaver, lays out the ideal approach to strengthen and thicken your lawn with our Lawn Reinforcement in conjunction with our lawn care program, as well as tips as to why fall is the best time for seeding.  Our Lawn Reinforcement is a combination of a core aeration and a lawn overseed.  Be sure to watch the video to get all the information you need on how to improve and strengthen your lawn.

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Some lawns are in need of more than a Lawn Reinforcement this summer, with the combination of extreme heat, humidity and drought we experienced, lawns are especially vulnerable to disease.  The extreme weather also caused an influx in insects and grubs bringing on more damage to already stressed lawns.  If your lawn is suffering from brown spots, weed infestation in bare spots, ground mole activity or if you are seeing flocks of birds on your lawn, these are all signs of disease and insect infestations.  These and more lawn issues, along with their solutions will be discussed in further detail next week.