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We know you’re still in “summer mode” and thinking about trying to squeeze in those final vacations and trips up north before school begins.

But here’s a “headsup” – we are rapidly approaching the ideal window of opportunity for growing turf in Mid-Michigan, Aug 15Sep 15.   If you’re serious about wanting to improve the quality of your lawn, then NOW is the time to contact us to get on our schedule to take advantage of this window with a Lawn Reinforcement or Lawn Renovation.

This has been a frustrating summer for keeping lawns green and healthy!  We are just now coming off a moderate drought season, and with FOUR different types of grubs now flourishing in our area, a lot of lawns are looking beat up.

A Lawn Reinforcement or Lawn Renovation might be just what your yard needs to spring back to life:

    • A “Lawn Reinforcement is a process we use to strengthen and thicken existing lawns.  It is an affordable, simple, and highly effective service for getting your lawn back to looking to-notch!
    • A “Lawn Renovation is a 7-step process to rescue your lawn from disaster and turn it into a beautiful green carpet of healthy turf.

NOW is the time to contact Reder Landscaping if you want to get on our schedule and have the lawn you’ve always wanted!  We will send one of our Lawn Specialists out to help you assess what kind of program or treatment would benefit your lawn most. Then schedule it in during the next precious 2-6 weeks!

Reder Landscaping is the “lawn expert” in the Midland, Bay city and Saginaw area.  We have over 45 years of experience with growing and maintaining the most beautiful lawns around.