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Everyone is talking about “fall color” this time of year.  Here at Reder Landscaping one of our favorite fall colors is bright yellow, because that’s the color of our giant vacuum truck.

This truck is not a glamorous piece of equipment.  It’s actually old, loud, and kind of ugly.  But it is a thing of beauty to watch this truck in action on fall clean-ups.  Anther thing that’s beautiful about this truck is that everything it sucks up gets brought back to our yard and is recycled into our composting operation to make topsoil.  Nothing is wasted and no landfill space is used.

Not a lot of companies have this piece of equipment, but it gives us the ability to better maintain our commercial properties and condominium projects where there is no municipal leaf pick up from the street.  It also allows us to do fall clean-ups even after the municipal leaf pick ups have ended.

Enjoy this brief video of our giant yellow vacuum truck in action with some of our maintenance crews at the Harcrest Woods condominiums in Midland. Warning:  you may want to turn your sound down because it’s a little loud.  🙂