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If you follow our blog and subscribe to our newsletter you’ll know that since the beginning of December we’ve been putting out the message that the winter season is the best time of year for landscape design and planning.

As we’ve written , one of the biggest benefits of doing your landscape planning and designing over the winter is that your project will be ready for construction as soon as the weather breaks in the spring of 2014.   This means that you’ll be able to enjoy your landscape project for more of the good weather months of the year.

If you have a landscaping project in mind that you want to start this spring we suggest that you call us soon while you can still benefit from this “early bird” scheduling advantage.

Very soon we will be entering the “Home Show Season”, with events like the Midland Home Show next weekend followed by the Saginaw Home Show two weeks later.  We will be meeting a lot of folks at these events who will be eager to get going with their projects.  This means that our schedules for meeting with clients, producing designs, and having our crews installing projects will be filling up fast.

So what is that ideal landscaping project that you have in mind for 2014?  Maybe you’re thinking big – like a complete landscaping renovation of your entire yard.  Or maybe it’s a luxury Outdoor Living Space with a brick paver patio, outdoor kitchen, landscape lighting, decorative water feature, etc. 

Maybe you’re thinking that you’d like something simpler like a new foundation planting to update the look of your home, or a new area of landscaping with a stone wall and some new plants to add some interest to your yard. 

Maybe you’re thinking about practicality and something like a new or renovated lawn, and maybe a new irrigation system to keep it green and healthy.  Or maybe this is the year you create more free time for yourself by turning over your lawn mowing, lawn maintenance and lawn care to us.

Whatever you’re thinking, if 2014 is the year for your ideal landscape project, contact us soon to speak with a landscape designer.  Don’t miss this window of opportunity for prime early spring scheduling!