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Has the poor condition of your lawn gotten to the point where it’s actually causing you pain?

Pain from all the weeds and the crabgrass and the winter damage.  Pain from the ground moles and the grubs and those spots that just won’t grow grass no matter what you do.  Pain from all your past failures at doing it yourself and not knowing what to do to get the lush and healthy lawn that you’ve always dreamed of.

Let Reder Landscaping RESCUE your lawn, and RESCUE you from all the pain your lawn has been causing you!

Did you know that mid-August through late-September is the ideal time of year in Michigan for establishing new turf ? That ideal window of opportunity is fast approaching, and NOW is the time to get on our schedule so you can take advantage of it.

For over forty five years Reder Landscaping has been known for growing and maintaining the most beautiful lawns in the Midland, Saginaw and Bay city area.  To achieve the great results that we’re known for , our approach starts from “the ground up”:

  • Soil testing and amendments that ensure the best growing medium for turf
  • Use of multiple seed blends to fit the specific requirements of each lawn
  • Use of multiple seeding methods from spot seeding to hydro-seeding, depending on the needs of the job
  • Irrigation system installation and modification to ensure turf success
  • Lawn Care and Lawn Maintenance Programs for peace of mind and maximum enjoyment of your yard

We have the equipment, expertise and experience to help you grow the perfect lawn you’ve always wanted!

So contact us today to make an appointment to meet with a Reder Landscaping Lawn Specialist.  When you do, be sure to ask about our new Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze Maintenance Programs for you lawn, plants and irrigation system (more about these in a future blog post).

So don’t wait!  Call today!