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We blogged about it last week, and it’s worth repeating – NOW is the ideal time of year for growing turf and getting a greener, thicker and healthier lawn.

From now through early fall we’ll be experiencing warm soil temperatures, cool nights, morning dews and natural rainfall. These are perfect conditions for growing turf!  However, the biggest advantage for new grass plants right now is that 90% of our annual weeds have already germinated, so your new grass seedlings don’t have to compete with the weeds!

Last week also we also blogged about the benefits of our “Lawn Reinforcement” process for established lawns that are generally OK, but suffer from poor turf density and weak health.

But what if your lawn is a total disaster?  We’re talking about extreme problems like massive weed infestation, huge bare spots from insect damage, either hard pan or sandy soil, moss, excessive shade resulting in little or no turf, etc.

If this is the case with your lawn, you should consider a “Lawn Renovation”.

A Lawn Renovation is a process of up to seven steps, all focused on rescuing your lawn and turning it into the carpet of healthy turf that you’ve always wanted.  Here’s the process:

  1. Soil testing to determine the ph and composition of your soil.
  2. Herbicide application to eradicate weeds such as crabgrass, quack grass, violets, poa, etc.
  3. Insect control, if needed, to kill off grubs, chinch bugs, sod webworms, and other sets.
  4. Thatch management, if needed.  This could be as simple as core aerification, or it could require de-thatching, with sod stripping and soil pulverizing in extreme cases.
  5. Core aerification  to break up compacted soil to improve the circulation of air, water and nutrients to the roots of the turf plants.
  6. Over-seeding and slit-seeding, with a blend of grass seed tailored to the unique growing conditions of your yard.  In cases of large bare areas, hydro-seeding may be used.
  7. Application of starter fertilizer for quick and healthy seed germination.

Every Lawn Renovation also comes with a one year lawn care fertilization program for peace of mind that your new lawn will continue to thrive.

Having a lawn full of weeds and bare spots is depressing, for you and your neighbors. If this describes your situation, contact us today and take advantage of this ideal season for growing turf!

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