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To Our Valued Clients,

We would like to take this opportunity to update you on our maintenance schedule after the many unprecedented events affecting all of us this spring. As you may or may not know, our crews have done an outstanding job getting our clients’ services caught up by working 6-day weeks (when Mother Nature allowed), often from dawn until dusk.  We have appreciated your patience as we blazed through these past few weeks.  Be sure to watch for notifications on your door if our technicians discover site issues.

We are happy to announce we have finally hit our stride and this week, the first full week of June, we will be servicing all mowing accounts on their scheduled day.  We have had to avoid some areas on certain properties due to standing water and saturated conditions, rest assured, as conditions allow we will have your entire site looking ‘Reder’ perfect.

Round #1 Lawn Fertilizer applications are complete and we are beginning round #2 which combines fertilizer and weed control.  We do not want to cause any unnecessary concern but we do need to address that crabgrass could potentially be an issue this year due to the late start.  Rest assured, we are aware of the possibility and are on the lookout, while on your property, your lawn technician will treat any weed problems as they arise.

Round #1 Plant Health Care and Round #1 Vegetation Control are complete and we are beginning round #2 of both services. To keep your plants as healthy as possible and to maintain completely weed-free beds, consider our weekly or bi-weekly Garden Visits.

Round #1 of Perimeter Pest applications are complete and we are beginning round #2 to keep unwanted pests at bay.

To our Sprinkler Service clients, if you have not already, be sure to call to schedule your sprinkler open. If your sprinkler open has already been performed ensure your system is set to ‘ON’ or ‘RUN’.  If your sprinkler open was performed during the rainy part of our spring your irrigation technician would have set your clock to proper watering for this time of year but likely left your system off. Simply check your controller to ensure the dial is set to ‘On’ or ‘Run’. If your system has been running no action is necessary. If you are unsure if your system is running please call our office at 989-835-8260 for assistance.

We appreciate your patience as we continue working through our new safety procedures and wet conditions.  Rest assured, our crews are still hard at work to ensure your property reflects the beauty you have come to expect from Reder Landscaping.

With much Thanks & Appreciation,
The Entire Reder Landscaping Team