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Winter is just around the corner, and if this winter is anywhere near as harsh as last winter, your plants are going to need some extra protection from Winter Burn and desiccation.  And the time to take action to protect your plants is NOW!

Winter Burn and desiccation are extremely stressful conditions for plants that occur when cold temperatures, drying winter winds and frozen ground combine to deprive plants of their natural moisture uptake.  The result is loss of foliage due to excessive moisture loss (see photo above).

Broadleaf evergreen shrubs (such as Boxwood, Rhododendron, Holly and Euonymus)  and young evergreen trees (such as Pine, Fir, Spruce, Arborvitae and Yew) are particularly susceptible to this problem.

What can you do to protect your plants from Winter Burn and desiccation?  The most effective way is with the application of an anti-desiccant spray. These sprays form a clear, colorless, flexible coating on the plant foliage and stems.  This coating substantially reduces water loss during the harsh winter months without interfering with plant growth or affecting plant health.

Anti-desiccants are applied twice over the course of the winter: once during early winter and then again in mid-February.  The timing of both applications is VERY IMPORTANT because the temperatures must be above freezing for the spray to form the protective coating on the plant foliage without freezing.

The first 2 weeks of December are usually the ideal window of opportunity for the first application, so if you’re interested in protecting your plants this winter DON’T DELAY – CALL US TODAY! Ask to speak with Warren Liken, our Staff Horticulturist to learn more about this highly effective spray program and to schedule your first application!