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For more than 30 years, Reder Landscaping has been providing superior landscape and lawn maintenance services for some of the most beautiful properties in the Midland area.

Today, we have over 190 clients for lawn mowing and maintenance, more than 450 clients for lawn care and fertilization, and another 300-plus for irrigation service. Our diverse list of accounts includes all types of properties from private residences, to condominium and apartments complexes, to large-scale commercial properties like the Midland Soccer Club.

How are we able to deliver such outstanding results for so many clients on so many diverse landscapes?  The answer is, “Our People”!

We’ve assembled an outstanding Landscape Maintenance Team.  From our Maintenance Account Managers in the office to our Maintenance Team Leaders in the field, everyone is focused on working together to provide excellent customer service and beautifully maintained lawns and gardens.

Please visit the Maintenance and Care page on our website for more information about how Reder Landscaping can make your home the most beautiful in your neighborhood.  Be sure to check out our Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels of customized services tailored to meet your specific landscape maintenance needs and budget.

Also, if you’d like to speak with with one of our Maintenance Account Managers about a custom quote, just give us a call at 989-835-8260.