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Even though it’s unseasonably warm right now, don’t be fooled!  The leaves are already starting to fall, and at the first cold snap they will be coming down fast!   And that means… Fall Cleanup is right around the corner.

Raking leaves and cleaning up fall debris is a lot of work.  If it’s not a job you love doing and/or always find to be a challenge to squeeze in, we’re happy to announce we have openings for new Fall Cleanup customers this fall!   So relax, enjoy the fall color, and let Reder take care of your leaves for you.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons to Call Us for Your Fall Cleanup:

  1. Two Rounds:  We’ll come by for the first round of our Cleanup Service after about 50% of the natural leaf drop has occurred.   Then, we’ll be back a second time after about 90% of the leaves have dropped.  You’ll get to enjoy a completely clean yard mid-season after our first visit.
  2. Leaves be Gone!   Removing leaves and debris from your yard is important for the overall health of your landscape by preventing the growth of damaging molds.  Bagging up and removing leaves is one of the biggest headaches for DIY rakers (have you ever missed that last city clean-up in your neighborhood?).  We’ll clear off all leaves from your lawn and planting beds , and take them to the curb in areas where there is city leaf pickup.
  3. Extras Included or Available:
    • Cleaning out your egress windows is included in our Standard Fall Cleanup Service. It’s important that they be clean and free of debris so they drain freely. This prevents the build-up of ice and snow, which can cause flooding in your window wells in the spring if not taken care of.
    • Cutting back your hostas, day lilies and other perennials in your planting beds is also included in our Standard Fall Cleanup service. This is important for keeping rodents and critters from over-wintering in your plants and damaging them.
    • We can also clean out your gutters, down spouts and bubbler drains at the time of your Fall Cleanup as an additional service.  This will keep ice and icicles from forming over the winter, and having Reder do this work  for you will prevent you from spending a cold day on a ladder! Be sure to request a separate quote for gutter cleaning at the time of your Fall Cleanup quote.
  4. Peace of Mind:   We make sure it gets done – plain and simple.   You’ll have the peace of mind knowing your leaves will be cleaned up and removed.  In the event of unpredictable weather and freeze up in the fall, we’ll even come back in the spring to remove any remaining debris.
  5. We Have Openings!  Last year we had no room for new Fall Cleanup customers.  It’s great to announce that we have some openings this year, but not an unlimited number. So call today to get a quote and to get on our schedule right away (and while you’re at it, request a quote for Snow Removal as well)!

Reder Landscaping is the one company that does it all!

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