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Now that the holidays are over and the gatherings are all finished it is time to clean up, organize and get ready for the New Year ahead.

Can’t find the time or the desire to put away you’re holiday lights?

Reder Landscaping can help!

We are scheduling crews right now to remove outdoor Christmas lights and decorations, whether we installed them or not. We can remove your outdoor holiday lighting, store it for you all year long and reinstall it next year (learn more about our Holiday Light Design and Installation services).

Want to Recycle Your Christmas Lights?

With our new “Recycle with Reder”, we will not only remove and recycle your existing lights, but we will give you a credit toward the purchase of our new ENERGY STAR qualified LED Christmas lights.

Your old lights + Reder’s Recycling & Holiday Lighting programs = Savings for both you and the environment!

Switching to LED Christmas lights helps the environment and lowers your energy bill. LED holiday lights are 80 percent more energy efficient than incandescent lights. They last approximately 20 years, which is seven times longer than incandescent holiday light strings. They don’t heat up, and they’re extremely durable, too, making LED lights a safer option for Christmas decorating.

Please contact us today if you would like to learn more about our “Recycle with Reder” program.

Live Green!