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Lawns are drying up across Mid-Michigan!

With days climbing into the 90’s and very little rain forecasted for the rest of this month it is crucial to be sure you are keeping your landscape properly watered.

To protect your lawn and landscape we recommend adding 15-25% more watering time to your regular watering schedule, 4 times a week.


If you had a new lawn or plants installed this year or in 2020 they will need extra care during these drought conditions. A newly installed plant could die after drying out just one time. View thorough watering and care instructions for your new lawn and plantings here.


Established plants and trees will likely be fine during this time although it is crucial to keep watch for signs of stress; wilting leaves, brown foliage and leaf or flower drop. A plant fertilizer can help provide your plant energy and nutrients at this difficult time. Established lawns should be maintained by adding 15-25% watering time to your current watering schedule.

To our mowing clients, our crews will be avoiding drought stressed areas until conditions improve.

Want our experts to evaluate your lawn and landscape and get you on the perfect watering schedule? Call today to schedule an evaluation with one of our irrigation technicians. If you have not yet scheduled your sprinkler system open call 989-835-8260 today!