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This past month we have been promoting Reder Landscaping’s Holiday Lighting Service that is new for 2012. This service is designed for our customers who find putting up, taking down and storing their Holiday lights to be a hassle and would rather have us do the job for them.

However, we understand that there are a lot of people who prefer to do it themselves. For these folks we’ve come up with our “Top 5 Tips for Holiday Lighting”.

1.  Start out Small

If you’re a newcomer to Holiday lighting, start out by highlighting just two or three items, such as roof lines or wreaths, to serve as focal points. Then you can add in new displays each year as you gain more experience.

2. Keep it Simple

Be careful not to overdo it by lighting up every feature of your home and landscape. Sometimes less is more.

3. Know Your Lights

Like everything else, technology has improved Holiday lighting. Incandescent lights used to be the most common type of Christmas light, but they were costly to operate in terms of electricity. They also tended to burn out, short out and generally wear out after a few short years. Now LED lights are gaining in popularity. They range in longevity but most are rated to last over ten years and never burn out. They are also much more energy efficient than the old incandescents.

4.  Work Safe

Avoid getting on roofs that are icy or snow covered. Always use a sturdy ladder that is not cracked, broken or duct taped together. Yes duct taped!

5.  Automate your Life

Connect your lights to an automatic outdoor timer so you don’t have to worry about turning your lights on or off.

These 5 tips are guaranteed to make your life easier if you’re tackling a DIY lighting project.  If you’d rather not do the work, there’s still time to give us a call for help.  We previously announced our *NEW* Holiday lighting services.  You can learn more about how we can help design, install (and take down & store!) your holiday lights here.