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Our Bronze, Silver and Gold Plant Health Care Programs are very popular with our clients who want to protect their plants and see them thrive.  To these services, we are excited to announce the addition of our new Certified Arborist Plant Care Program.

This unique program was created by Warren Liken, Reder Landscaping’s nursery manager and staff horticulturist.  Warren is recognized by the International Society of Arboriculture as being one of only two Certified Arborists in Mid-Michigan.  Additionally, he has over 30 years of experience in the plant and nursery industry.

The Certified Arborist Plant Care Program was created to compliment our traditional Plant Health Care Programs.  It is designed for homeowners with landscapes of mature trees and overgrown or neglected plants who want to consult with a horticulture expert to come up with a custom, comprehensive plan for their landscape plants.

The foundation of the Certified Arborist Plant Care Program is plant evaluation, planning and fertility.  Some features of the program include:

  • PLANT EVALUATION & INVENTORY: In the spring, the Arborist will meet with the homeowner to evaluate and inventory the plants in their landscape. With this information, he will create a plan of action. The focus is to identify any potential insects or diseases that could develop during the growing season and to cultivate an environment to prevent or cure possible plant problems. Plans may include things such as predator insect releases, biological insecticides and fungicides, baits and traps.  For mature trees, techniques such as cabling and bracing may be used.
  • A CUSTOM PROGRAM: The program will be tailored to the specific needs of each individual landscape, with special emphasis being given to a multi-year plan.  This long-term focus is especially important when dealing with mature trees and overgrown or neglected plants.
  • PLANT FERTILITY: Care starts in the spring with creating a healthy landscape through proper fertilization. This will produce lush new growth, as well as plentiful and brilliant flowers. We fertilize again in the fall to help produce stronger roots so your plants can better survive insect and disease invasion, as well as harsh winters.
  • MID SUMMER FOLLOW UP: During mid-summer, the Arborist will visit the landscape to evaluate the progress of the care plan and scout for any problems that may have appeared. Adjustments to the program can be made at this time, as needed.
  • NATURAL CONTROLS FIRST: This program is very environmentally friendly. It starts with identifying pests, determining tolerable thresholds and targeting them by natural controls. Chemical pesticides are used only when necessary.

With the Certified Arborist Plant Care Program, you’ll have a custom strategy for your landscape plants, ongoing monitoring to detect future problems such as weak trees and disease, and innovative solutions to keep your landscape lush and healthy.  It’s a great additional service to combine with our traditional Bronze, Silver and Gold Plant Health Care Programs for the highest level of care for your plants and landscape.

Avoid the spring rush and call our office today to schedule an appointment this fall with our Certified Arborist, Warren Liken!  That way your custom Certified Arborist Plant Care Program will be ready to be implemented come Spring 2016!