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We received some helpful info from Tandeski Associates, of Richmond MI, to pass on to our readers and customers.

This unusual spring has brought a wide array of concerns and questions regarding landscapes, plants, and weather-dependent industries. Last week, we posted some landscaping tips to help you “weather” this spring.

The early warm weather we experienced in March has led to a very dry spring, putting young evergreens and other plants at risk. Trees stored above ground should be watered daily.  Rain in the forecast may not be sufficient to keep trees moist.

Here’s some tips direct from the evergreen experts we rely on, Tandeski Associates:

Don’t Let Evergreens Dry Out!

Loss of evergreens can normally be traced to improper watering as much as 6-7 weeks before.

  • Overhead Irrigation  –  1 or 2 hours is not enough to penetrate foliage.  Trees should be watered for 4-6 hours upon arrival.  Some customers water before untying tops.  This makes it easier for water to reach root ball and then untie the tops the next day.
  • Trickle Irrigation   – This works very well.  Initial watering should be for 2 to 4 hours.  Root ball must be kept moist.
  •  Check Moisture  – Always check the moisture of the root ball.  Make a small cut in the burlap & check the soil moisture (don’t worry soil won’t run out, that’s the other guys).  Soil should be moist at all times.

Questions about caring for your trees and plants?  Leave them below and we’ll get a landscaping expert point of view back to you in reply.