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We’re entering the time of the summer here in Mid-Michigan where Hydrangeas will be taking center stage in the landscape.

Hydrangeas are colorful flowering shrubs that aren’t bothered by pests or diseases, and can bloom for weeks at a time during the summer months when many plants are fading. They thrive in part-shade and prefer a moist, loamy soil enriched with peat moss and leaf mold.

When many people think of Hydrangeas they picture those gigantic white-flowering shrubs growing beside the front porches of old farm houses. While these old-fashioned beauties are spectacular, they don’t always translate to the modern landscapes.

Fortunately, many exciting new Hydrangea varieties have been introduced in the last few years. Many of these newer Hydrangeas are hardier and bloom reliably in northern areas like Michigan. Many are more compact and better suited to smaller gardens, perennial borders and even containers. The color palate of these new varieties has expanded as well, with blooms in shades of blue, pink, red and green, many with very large bloom sizes.

Currently in our nursery, we are well stocked with nine varieties of the hardiest and most beautiful Hydrangeas for our area.

Do you prefer the chartreuse flowers of “Limelight” (or its compact cousin “Little Limes”), the blue flowers of “Niko Blue”, or the huge white blooms of “Annabelle”?  If pink is your color, maybe you’d like the soft pink blooms of “Endless Summer”, or the hot pink of “Glowing Embers”, the bright pink of “Quickfire”, or the various pink blooms of “Vanilla Strawberry”?

Stop out to our nursery to check out our incredible inventory of Hydrangeas.  Be sure to speak with Warren Liken, our staff horticulturist, to determine which variety is right for your landscape, soil type and flowering preferences.