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Most people think of Plant Health Care as pruning, if they even give it that much thought. If this is you, your plants are likely starving. If your perennials, shrubs and small trees are alive but not thriving, if they’re sparse, don’t flower well, or seem to take a beating in tough weather, it’s likely they are lacking in nutrients.

Knowing what to feed your plants and when can be a challenge. Maintaining a consistent feeding schedule is as important for your plants as it is for your lawn.

Our Plant Health Care Programs provide regular feeding to promote growth, enhance flowering and help maintain health and vigor. If you are unsure of what your plants need, one of our Client Service Representatives will perform a personal evaluation of your plant material and build a program specific to your plant’s needs.

When pests and disease do become problems, our programs include timely controls applied by trained and certified technicians to help eliminate them or keep them at non-damaging levels.

Our Plant Health Care Programs include Deep Root Fertilizations, Insect, Mite and Disease Control at specifically timed intervals throughout the season. Some plants may also require deer and/or rabbit repellent applications to keep them protected in the winter months.

Protect the value of the investment you’ve made in your plants with a Plant Health Care Program from Reder Landscaping.