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Hydrangeas are one of one of the most popular flowering shrubs for Mid-Michigan landscapes, blooming for weeks at a time during the summer months.  And to ensure reliable abundant flowering, Hydrangeas need proper annual pruning.

As a 25 year employee of Reder Landscaping who has attended countless plant seminars, Steve Cross is THE expert when it comes to pruning flowering shrubs and ornamental trees.

In this video, Steve offers some tips on pruning a Hydrangea Paniculata “Little Lime”.  Hopefully you’ll watch it and come away with the confidence to perform this task on your own Hydrangeas.

Keep in mind, only Hydrangeas that flower on new growth, like the Annabelle and Paniculata varieties, benefit from being pruned this time of year.  To learn more about the best times of year for pruning different Hydrangea varieties, go to this article on the Reder blog.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Pruning Programs, as well as all our Plant Care Programs, contact our office or visit the Maintenance and Care page on our website.

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