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The summer of 2012 was a great one for spending time at the beach or out on your boat, but it was a tough one for your lawn!  Extreme temperatures and drought conditions combined with increased grub and insect activity added up to a death sentence for many lawns in the Midland, Saginaw and Bay City area.
If your lawn took a beating over the summer and you’re wondering what to do now, call the experts at Reder Landscaping and ask about our “Six Step Approach” to getting your lawn green, thick and lush.

Our “Six Step Approach” includes:

  1. Evaluation and testing of the soil to ensure proper PH and nutrients.
  2. Aerification and soil amendments to break up compaction and condition the soil for healthy turf roots.
  3. Insect control to ward off turf-eating pests such as grubs and cinch bugs.
  4. The right fertility and weed control program to ensure healthy turf plants.
  5. Proper choice of seed mix and re-seeding method (slit seeding, broadcast seeding or hydro-seeding) tailored to the specific conditions of your yard to ensure successful turf germination and establishment.
  6. A proper watering schedule for those with an irrigation system, or practical watering guidelines for those without an irrigation system.

Early autumn is the perfect time of year to establish a new lawn.  So contact us today to take advantage of these ideal growing conditions, and save money too!!!
Meet with a Reder lawn expert to have your lawn assessed using our “Six Step Approach” today and save 10%!

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