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It’s been another harsh winter in Michigan with the record-breaking temperatures and high winds we’ve seen.  There’s no doubt that it may have inflicted some serious damage to your landscape, and we’re seeing quite a bit around the area:

  • Winter burn and desiccation on evergreens shrubs and trees, with more to come, as March is generally the worst month for this.
  • Deer and rabbit damage to the tops of the shrubs, and likely damage under the snow from mice.
  • Snow Mold damage on lawns will be severe this year due to the heavy snow cover that we’ve had since Thanksgiving.  Turf damage from mice and voles should also be severe.
  • Large quantities of limbs and debris littered throughout yards due to the heavy ice and high winds that we’ve experienced this winter.

Once the snow melts, your landscape is going to need some TLC to bounce back this spring.  That’s why we’ve put together a program called “The Works” that’s designed to get your yard off to a great start this season.  Here’s the program:

  • A complete spring clean-up of the plant beds and lawn to remove all winter debris.
  • Pruning of shrubs to remove damage, control size and improve shape.
  • Recommendation and installation of plant replacements, if needed.
  • Fertilization for your plants to give them the nutrients they need.
  • Edging of your plant beds to make them crisp and clean.
  • Weed control for your plant beds to minimize maintenance for the rest of the season.
  • New mulch for a neat, finished look, and for the health of your plants.
  • A thorough clean-up, with a blow off of your driveway and walks.

It’s “The Works”, and it’s designed so you can come home to a “like new” landscape!

Email us today or call 835-8260 to speak with a Reder Landscape Consultant about “The Works”.  They’re professionals who have training and experience with design and horticulture, and they know what’s best for your lawn and landscape.