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There’s a HUGE difference between Reder Landscaping’s Lawn Care Fertilization Service and what you get with “the Nationals”.

“The Nationals” are the national franchise companies that fertilize lawns. The ones that send people to knock on your door at dinnertime to measure your yard and give you a free quote.  The ones that leave all the door hangers, send all the mass mailings and leave all the voicemails.

Beware of the Nationals

The Nationals are essentially marketing companies that are notorious for over-selling homeowners on lawn care services and under-delivering on the quality of  the lawns they produce.

One game they play is to lure you into signing up by giving a cheap initial quote for basic fertilization using inferior products.  Then they try to “up-sell” you on more treatments you really need, like grub control. Grub control is included in all Reder Lawncare Programs, but the Nationals treat it as a extra “add on” treatment, often charging double the price of a single treatment!

They’re also notorious for putting the hard sell on homeowners to sign up for programs with more applications than they need.  And any question or issue that a customer has about their lawn is merely regarded as another opportunity to sell them something more.

Who needs that?

The Reder Difference

At Reder Landscaping our focus is simply to provide you with the beautiful lawn that you’ve always wanted, at a fair price.  We don’t play games. We are a third generation, locally owned and operated company that has been producing the finest lawns in Midland, Saginaw and Bay City for over 50 years.

Some other advantages that Reder has over the Nationals:

  • Our business is built on trust, and 1,400 of our customers can attest to that.
  • Our Guarantee: Between applications if you have lawn concerns such as weeds, color or brown areas, just contact us and request a FREE SERVICE CALL with NO FEES to treat for weeds. Service calls are performed within 2 business days depending on the weather.
  • 13 Licensed Applicators, and a Certified Arborist on staff.
  • 3 Senior Technicians with 75 years of combined experience, and 2 dedicated Client Service Managers with over 60 years of combined experience.
  • Grub control is included in the price of ALL our Lawn Care Fertilization Programs.
  • Highest Quality Products.
  • Top-notch Customer Service.

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