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Trust the experts.  A Pruning Program from Reder Landscaping ensures your shrubs, evergreens and small ornamental trees are pruned properly for form, shape and size resulting in the maximum amount of blooms during the growing season.  Rest assured, we will prune your plants at the right time of year so you can enjoy the full potential of your shrubs and small trees all season long. 

Keep your plants healthy and beautiful with seasonal pruning.  It is not easy remembering pruning schedules for all of your shrubs and small trees, let our experts take the guess work out of it for you.  Eliminate the stress of whether or not you should snip your hydrangea branch this much or that much.  Our crews are technically trained on pruning, providing beautiful results year after year for many of our clients.

If you are looking to tackle the task on your own we are here to help.  Visit our blog for informational posts and videos on pruning.  Here is a video on pruning a favorite shrub in local landscapes, the hydrangea.

If you prefer to leave the pruning to the professionals we offer pruning for all of your shrubs and small trees with a program to fit your landscape.

Bronze Program: One visit program: When customers are only interested in one pruning we suggest the summer pruning (dependent on your specific landscape needs).  All shrubs will be pruned except shrubs in bloom.  Tough not recommended, we will prune shrubs in bloom in the summer, but only wen requested.

Silver Program: Two visit program: Our first visit is in the summertime, after the spring growth is hardened off.  We will prune all evergreens and non-summer flowering shrubs.  Our second visit is in the late fall, after growth has slowed (dependent on your specific landscape needs).  We will prune all evergreens and non-spring flowering shrubs.  All perennials will be cut down with the exception of ornamental grasses and sedum, which are left for winter contrast and interest.

Gold Program: Three visit program: Includes both visits from the Silver Program, but we add an additional visit in the spring that includes cutting down the perennials left for winter interest and light, corrective pruning of ornamental trees such as; crabapples, cherries, dogwoods, etc…

Platinum Program: For our customers who want the best looking landscaping, we recommend our ‘Monthly Gardening’ visits.  This program includes 8 visits, approximately 30 days apart, starting in April and ending in November.  We will prune all shrubs as needed, keeping in mind their flowering time, light and corrective pruning of ornamental trees in the spring or late fall and dead head perennials and annuals as needed.  If you have flower pots or containers we will attend to them as well.

Enjoy gorgeous shrubs and small trees all season long with a pruning program from Reder Landscaping.

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