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Care Instructions

From the entire Reder Landscaping team, thank you, for allowing us the opportunity to complete your project. Please find instructions for caring for your new landscape below.

Quick tips on caring for your new:


 Your new plants have been watered throughout the project but, 48 hours after we leave you will
need to water your plants 2-3 times per week, 1-2 minutes per plant depending on size, 10-15 minutes for trees. Check soil moisture of plants 2-3x per week by feeling soil 3-6” deep before each watering to ensure water is required for the first 6 weeks.


 Do not water 24 hours after hydroseeding.  After that, for the first 30 days water your lawn 3x per day 3-8 minutes per watering, just enough to keep the seed moist, avoid puddling.  First mow should occur once 1/4 of the lawn reaches a height of 3-3.5″.


No immediate action is required, however, a light layer of sand may develop on the pavers, this can be easily swept off or lightly blown with a hand blower at a very low angle.


Once installed, your sprinkler is set to proper watering for the condition of your property at the time of installation, will need to be adjusted by homeowner based on changes in weather.


No immediate action is required.  If problems arise, check the transformer and time and email us at customerservice@rederlandscaping.com.

Questions?  Email us at customerservice@rederlandscaping.com

Request a Maintenance Quote

If you are unsure what maintenance service you need, don’t worry! One of our lawn and landscape maintenance professionals will walk you through the entire process. We look forward to working with you!