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We posted an article yesterday about gardening and how it is defined by the passion and energy that gardeners apply to their gardens.  This is especially true of water gardens.

If you are a fan of water gardens, or are just interested in seeing what a beautiful water garden can do to transform a residential landscape, we would strongly encourage you to attend the Blue Thumb Aquatics Pond Walk this Saturday and stop by the Tickner Residence in Midland.  Here you will find a backyard oasis with a beautiful stream, waterfall and Koi pond surrounded by lush plantings and a meandering brick walk.

The Tickners had traveled to several world class gardens over the years, and were particularly inspired by the Butchart Gardens in Victoria, British Columbia.  When they first called on Reder Landscaping to help them realize their vision for their water garden, much of the structure of the garden was already defined by the existing brick walks and deck.  The final design was a collaboration between the Tickners and landscape designer Dave Fletcher of Reder.  The landscape construction  was completed in two phases, with most of the plantings being installed in 2007 and the water feature being built in 2009. In many ways the garden is still a work in progress as new things are always being tried.

Don’t forget – the Blue Thumb Aquatics Pond Walk takes place this Saturday, July 19.  You can learn more about the Pond Walk in this article or by visiting the Blue Thumb website. Pre-registration is required.

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