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The date is April 8 2010. Really? Last week it looked and felt like June 29th. The Corneliancherry Dogwoods are in bloom, so are the Forsythia and several varieties of bulbs. This week its a little different cool and rainy. We did need the rain, which is hard to say in April because we all know that April showers are supposed to bring May flowers. Now we have too much rain. It is really getting dismal out there. So the question that should be on your mind is, what is going to happen to my blooming plants when we get our last frost of the season? Notice I said when we get our last frost and not if? We will get another frost maybe even more than one. Our first frost free day is usually around May 15th. So what will happen to all those lovely blooms that came out when it was warm and now wish they hadn’t? Keep an eye on the weather. If you hear on the radio or see on the t.v. weather that we are going to have a frost, cover everything you can. I realize that the trees are too tall to cover so unfortunately we will probably see a lot of magnolias that will lose their blossoms. We can however cover the small things like perennials and shrubs. Now that it has cooled down a little, most people will realize that it is too early to plant annuals or vegetables, but even if it does become unseasonably warm again, don’t jump the gun. Wait until we are sure the frost is done so you don’t have to go to a lot of work to cover everything. Have a great spring. I’ll be talking to you soon.