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We hope you had an opportunity to attend the 11th Annual Reece Endeavor GardenWalk on Wednesday. As always, this year’s event was very well attended and featured some of the most beautiful and interesting gardens in Midland.

Two of the projects on the GardenWalk, the Donker Garden and the Pederson Garden, are both projects with which Reder Landscaping has been associated in various ways for many years.  And both projects are excellent examples of the difference between landscaping and gardening.

Landscaping is essentially the act of enhancing the aesthetics of a piece of land by altering its contours, adding man-made features, planting trees and shrubs, etc. While gardening is closely related to landscaping, it is distinguished by the passionate care and effort put forth by the owners of the land to realize their desired vision.

In other words, gardening is a labor of love.

This is evident in both the Pederson and Donker Gardens, although both are very different types of gardens.  To see what we mean, check out the short videos of these gardens below:

Pederson Garden


Donker Garden


As you can see, the Pederson Garden sits on a steep, heavily wooded site and has a more naturalized garden style, while the Donker Garden sits on a small city lot and represents a more formal style.

However, what is similar with both gardens are homeowners with a great passion for their “piece of heaven on earth”.  They not only enjoy spending time relaxing in their gardens, but they also enjoy spending a lot of energy and effort in planning, maintaining, tweaking and learning about them.

Another thing these gardens have in common is that both the Pedersons and the Donkers have called on Reder Landscaping many times over the years for design consultations and construction services to assist them in realizing their unique visions for their gardens.  While we really can’t take any credit for either of these beautiful residencies, we are honored that these passionate gardeners call us when they need help with something that means so much to them.

If you need help with executing your vision of paradise in your yard call Reder Landscaping today to schedule a consultation with a landscape designer.