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We’ve been attacked!! Not by aliens but by bugs! This winter has been simply horrendous for white grubs. Our lawns have been decimated by the little beasts chewing on the roots and crowns of our grass plants. Homeowner’s have until May 15th, according to Michigan State Entomology Department, to kill the little culprits before they pupate into beetle’s. Products containing Sevin or Dylox are the two pesticides that will do the best job. These chemicals kill on contact. Water the chemical into the ground by setting up a sprinkler and watering for 60 min. Then rake up the dead grass and re-seed with grass seed. The cool weather we are currently having is perfect for seeding. Grass seed germinates best when temps are cool. Don’t forget to water it in and keep it watered. If you would like more information on these grubs, how to identify which grubs you have and how to get rid of them go to http//ohioline.osu.edu/hygfact/2000/2510.html. A better approach to grub control according to Michigan State Extension, is to prevent them. Their suggestion is to apply preventative products at the time of egg hatching or when grubs are small. The first critical issue is to determine what active ingredient the product contains by looking at the label. The best preventative grubicides contain Merit or imidacloprid and cyfluthrin in partnership.

In the garden, watch out for frost. Our first frost free day in Michigan does not occur until May 15th. We have been having some very cool temps and frost this past weekend and the first part of this week. Keep your annuals, tender perennials, and any young seedlings or house plants you may have set out, covered in the evenings until the threat of frost has passed.

Happy gardening!