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There is nothing like a water feature for animating a landscape or garden and elevating it to a higher level.  The relaxing sound of running water, the sparkling light, and the presence of chirping birds attracted to the water are just a few of the ways that a water feature can transform an ordinary landscape into an oasis.

A lot of people mistakenly think that having a water feature means having a traditional “water garden” with a waterfall, stream, pond, aquatic plants and fish.  However, there are several ways that the element of water can be featured in the landscape, thereby turning any garden into a water garden.

A great place to learn more about the different options for incorporating water into your landscape is the “Water Features” page on our website.  Our landscape designers and installation crews have experience with some of the most beautiful water features you’ll find anywhere.

However, if you want to experience three different kinds of water features for yourself we encourage you to come visit our new Display Gardens.  Here you’ll find beautiful examples of a Bubbling Rock Fountain, a Ceramic Vase Fountain, as well as a Stream with a Pondless Waterfall.




If you’re interested in exploring your options for water features in your landscape, contact us to speak with one of our landscape designers.