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We recently did a blog post about The Reder Difference” when it comes to our Lawn Care Fertilization Programs as compared to the national companies.  There’s also a big “Reder Difference” when it comes to our Landscape Design Team and the quality of the award winning landscapes we’ve been producing for our customers in Midland, Bay City, Saginaw and elsewhere for over 50 years!

You can visit our Why Reder” webpage that describes the superior education, work experience and design processes of our design staff compared to our competition.  Also, our website shows many testimonials from customers that have had great experiences working our landscape designers.

We thought it would be interesting to ask a couple of our landscape designers what they feel sets Reder Landscaping apart from other companies.

Steve Baillie, who has been a Reder Landscape Designer since 2004, shared this story:

Recently a client told me after I presented my design that she felt like Reder was giving her “more” than other companies she spoke with.  We asked more questions, took more things into consideration with the design, gave her more ideas and options, and more detail in the design and quote.  She really liked that, and that’s why she’s choosing us.

Dave Fletcher has been with Reder as a Landscape Designer since 2002, and he offered these thoughts:

There’s so much bad landscaping out there – it’s everywhere.  Brick patios that are poorly constructed and are too small to use, plants that aren’t compatible and aren’t suited for where they’re planted, and just all around poor design.  Anybody can lay down a brick patio or throw in some plants that may look OK at first.  But is it going to last?  What’s it going to look like 3  years from now, or 10?

Often when we show up for an initial consultation with a prospective client, you can feel their skepticism.  They’re tense because they’ve seen all the bad landscaping out there, and chances are, they’ve been frustrated by their experiences with other contractors or landscape companies.  But after 15 minutes of talking with them about their landscape project they start to relax because they can see that Reder is a good company and we really know what we’re talking about. 

They may say, “I want a brick patio here” and we’ll start asking questions.  How do you plan to use your patio?  Will you use it for entertaining, and for how many people? Is there enough room for your furniture?  How will this location relate to your existing trees? What’s the orientation to the sun, and the slope of your yard?  Most other companies don’t even care about this information, but we feel it’s important for coming up with the best design solution.

Then we show them photos of our work so they can see the creativity of our designs and the quality of our construction.  Our warranties on our hardscapes and plant material gives them peace of mind that we’ll stand behind our work and that it will last.  Reder delivers real value, and our customers appreciate this.

It All Begins With a Simple Phone Call

Whether your landscape project is as simple as a new foundation planting or as complex as a complete redesign of your entire yard, you will benefit from the talent and professionalism of Reder’s Landscape Design Team.

The Design Process of working with Reder Landscaping starts with a simple phone call!  Call us at 989-835-8260 or email us today to set up an appointment to speak with one of our designers about your project?

Experience the “Reder Difference” for yourself!