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With the recent drop in temperatures and the unofficial end of summer (Labor Day) behind us, everyone’s attention is turning towards fall.  Everyone including our seasonal color designer, Kathy Frost.  Kathy and her team have been hard at work designing and planting Fall Container Gardens.  Materials have been being delivered over the past couple weeks and our greenhouses are looking like fall.  Getting inspiration from all of the fall foliage in the greenhouses, Kathy went to work designing her pre-made selections of floral containers for the fall season.  With a unique blend of flowers, grasses and pumpkins, her pre-made selections do not disappoint!

Festive Fall ($109):

A fresh blend of Grasses, Mums, Cabbage, Coral Bells, Pumpkins and Gourds.

Autumn Blaze ($129):

A classic combination of Mums, Coral Bells, Grasses and Pumpkins.

Season Reflection ($129):

A pleasing combination of Grasses, Mums and Cabbage.

Rustic Charm ($149):

A charming blend of Millet, Mums, Cabbage and Coral Bells.

Autumn Delight ($129):

A delightful mix of Millet, Coral Bells and Mums.

Harvest Moon ($109):

An elegant arrangement of Cabbage, Coral Bells and mini white pumpkins/gourds.

Fall Splendor ($109):

A festive blend of Ornamental Grass, Mums, Coral Bells and Pumpkins.

Remember September ($149):

A traditional combination of Grasses, Mums and Coral Bells.

Have you previously purchased a Container Garden from Reder?

If you have previously purchased a flowering container garden from us then you simply need a fall change-out.  Purchase a pre-made container (request a drop-in container) or meet with Kathy for a custom look to revamp your summer container for the fall season.

A Container Garden for Every Season

As a customer of of Reder Landscaping and Kathy Frost, you can have gorgeous containers year round.   We have many customers who receive seasonal change outs of their container gardens, 4 times annually:

  • Spring– for early blooms and bright spring color
  • Summer– for blooms that will withstand summer heat and conditions
  • Fall– for blooms and seasonal color into late Fall
  • Holiday / Winter – for gorgeous seasonal texture and holiday decor that can easily be transitioned to adorn your landscape all winter long.

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