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In the video featured above landscape designer, Steve Baillie, talks outdoor living and the benefits of landscaping in the fall.

What is ‘Outdoor Living’?

Outdoor living means different things to different people. Some consider outdoor living is as simple as sitting on their front porch or meandering through their backyard gardens, others take it to the next level with outdoor kitchens, pools, patios, outdoor bars, built in fire pit or fireplace, a complete outdoor retreat.

At Reder Landscaping, our designers take the time to sit with you and discuss what your dream outdoor living space looks like, to you. They ask necessary questions such as; how many people are in your family, do you enjoy entertaining, is this your forever home, what do you wish to accomplish with your outdoor space, etc… With this information our design team is able to draw up showstopping designs that encompass their clients wishes and needs.

Why wait until spring?

Spring is undoubtedly our busy season. Our phones are ringing off the hook and our maintenance, installation, front office and design teams are running in every direction. Spring is the obvious time to think about getting outdoors and enjoying your outdoor space, but what if spring came and your outdoor space was waiting for you? There are endless benefits to a fall landscape installation beginning with spring enjoyment. As Steve mentions in the video, landscape installations can get messy, with a fall installation; we come in, complete your installation, winter comes and then once spring arrives and your landscape is beautiful and turn-key, ready for you to enjoy from the beginning of the season.

Added benefits of fall landscaping include same year pricing, avoiding any possible price increases the following year. Also, plants and lawns respond better to being planted in the fall, with reduced weed growth and soil still warm from the summer sun, paired with cool, dewy evenings, plants and lawns thrive.

Don’t let another season pass you by!

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