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Landscape lighting is a wonderful way to increase the enjoyment of your landscape in all four seasons.  This is especially true in the winter, when the simple and stark beauty of a snow covered landscape becomes the perfect canvas for the play of light and shadow provided by landscape lighting.

Beautiful landscape lighting was at the top of our wish list of features that we wanted in the display gardens for our Reder offices that we installed in 2015.  Now that the landscape is covered with snow, we’re especially pleased with the results.

Below are some recent photos from our display gardens that illustrate some of the beautiful effects that can be achieved in a winter landscape with well designed lighting. If you’d like to see our landscape lighting display for yourself, we invite to come out any night and take a look around.

If these images have piqued your curiosity about installing landscape lighting in your yard give us a call. The winter months are the best time of the year to work with one of our landscape designers to come up with the vision and plan for your ideal landscape so it’s ready for installation in the spring.

On that note, we’d like to leave you with a quote regarding landscape lighting from Dave Fletcher, one of our Landscape Designers:

“I think lighting is the best landscape money you can spend. I always tell my clients that when their project is completed their favorite part will be the landscape lighting, and that almost always turns out to be the case.”

To learn more about landscape lighting, visit our Landscape Lighting Services page or our Landscape Lighting Idea Gallery. Or contact us to speak with one of our landscape designers to see how well planned landscape lighting can enhance your yard.