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You’ve probably heard the expression “good things come in small packages” in regards to gifts.  Well, the same concept applies to outdoor living spaces as well.

There is something uniquely beautiful and inviting about a well-designed small outdoor space, and uniquely challenging from the perspective of the landscape designer.

Restraint is needed when designing a small space so as not to “clutter it up”.  Attention to detail, scale and craftsmanship are what makes a small space come alive, since everything is noticed and amplified.  Elegant simplicity is best to organize a small outdoor space, give it character and make it feel inviting.

Take a look at these small outdoor rooms designed and created by Reder Landscaping.  All of them are simple, beautiful and functional spaces that are perfect for outdoor living!

Designed by landscapers - a cozy backyard setting

Landscape design - small backyard spaces


landscape desinger Dave Fletcher - brick patio

If you have a small yard or a small space in your yard that you want to transform into an outdoor living space for your family, call to schedule an appointment with a Reder Landscaping landscape designer today.