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Don’t worry – we’re not saying that the Holiday Season is when you should call us about your landscape project.  You certainly can if you want to, but we know that you’re already super busy shopping for presents, making travel plans, sending Christmas cards, wrapping up your year, etc.  In fact, you’re probably so busy right now that you might not even have had time to put up your holiday lights yet (oh, by the way, click here to see how we can help you with that).

When we say “’Tis the Season” we mean the “Winter Season”, which is THE best time of the year to meet with one of Reder’s landscape designers to talk about your project.  This is especially true if you’re thinking about a large landscape project, like an outdoor living room or a complete renovation of your entire yard.

The winter is generally a slower time of year for everyone, and this benefits both the homeowner and the designer.  For the homeowner, they have more time to check out landscaping websites, magazines and photo galleries to research what they might want for their projects.  For the designer, without the distraction of jobs under construction like they have in the spring, they are better able to focus on their designs and get back to their clients sooner with a plan.  This makes for a smoother design process for the winter clients.

However, the biggest benefit of doing your landscape design this winter is that your project will be ready for construction as soon as the weather breaks in the spring of 2014.   This means you will be able to enjoy your landscape project for more of the good weather months of the year.

For our clients who wait until the spring to initiate the design process, some may be frustrated to find that both the design and construction may take longer than they’d hoped.  The fact is, we are an “in demand” company and our schedules fill up very quickly once the winter is over.  It’s just the nature of our business.

So if you’re thinking that 2014 is the year for your ideal landscape project, contact us soon.  Even though there’s snow on the ground, our landscape designers can work with you to envision what’s possible for your yard and to get you on our construction schedule first thing in the spring!