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With temps reaching near-record highs, drought conditions and extreme humidity, it has been a very hard year on Michigan landscapes, especially on lawns.  Other than the obvious damage from lawns drying up due to lack of water, the extreme weather we have had has brought on several other issues.  We offer comprehensive lawn care services that can help save your lawn.

Drought Damage

If you have noticed an influx of weeds in your lawn, it is likely due to your lawn having thinned from drought damage, allowing weeds and crabgrass to grow.  Keeping up on your watering and fertilizer applications will help with the weeds.  You may also want to consider our lawn care services along with a fall Lawn Renovation, learn more here.

Insect Infestations

Another issue plaguing lawns is insect infestations.  The extreme heat has caused an increase in insect populations, how does this affect your lawn?  Certain species of insects feed on lawns, in particular in our area; Chinch Bugs and Sod Webworm.  Chinch Bugs destroy lawns by sucking the moisture from blades of grass and leaving behind dead patches.  Sod Webworm feed on the lower part of the blades of grass resulting in dead patches.  If you have noticed moths on your lawn it is likely you have their larvae (sod webworm) feeding on your grass.  These two pests can be easily controlled with an insecticide.

Red Thread

One other issue that could be affecting your lawn this summer is Red Thread.  Red Thread is a fungus that lives in the thatch layer of your lawn.  It gives the appearance of dead patches of grass, but look closely, do the blades have a pink/reddish hue to them?  If so, it is likely Red Thread.  Red Thread can be reduced with proper fertilizer applications, lack of nitrogen in your soil leaves your lawn susceptible to the fungus. Even the healthiest lawns can be plagued by Red Thread, just keep up with your fertilization applications and once the humid/damp conditions change the fungus should disappear.

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