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Late August through the end of September is primetime for planting Michigan lawns.   With the soil still warm from the summer sun combined with cooler air temperatures, it is the perfect environment to grow grass seed.  This is also the best time to aerate your lawn; also known as core aeration or lawn aeration.

What is core aeration?  Core aeration is the practice of removing plugs of thatch and soil from your lawn using a lawn aerator.  Removing the plugs of soil has several advantages; your lawn and soil can breathe, getting oxygen to its roots.  Aerating lawn also allows for fertilizer and water to reach the soil and grass roots.  Once your core aeration is completed this is the ideal time to overseed or slit seed and fertilize your lawn.

Aerating your lawn has long term benefits of keeping a healthy lawn healthy and strengthening a weak, thin lawn.  Once seeded, the newly introduced seed varieties will help to strengthen and thicken your lawn.

Learn more about core aerations here.

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